Due Th 9/19

Project: Found Alphabet Typeface (final crit)

Based on the feedback you received in class, make improvements to your typeface. Invent and name three ficititious magazines that would use your typeface as its wordmark. Set those wordmarks in your typeface and bring them to class, along with a printout of your full alphabet.

Due Mon 9/23

Exercise: Experimental Words

Create three visually impactful typographic illustrations 8 inches square in size, with words of your choice, using analog techniques to produce your type. The content shall relate conceptually to the form, and each illustration shall use a different type of technique:

Repetition — Make a stamp or a stencil. Print. Repeat.

Handcraft — Make something. Make it out of candy. Draw it in crayon. Burn it onto something. Carve it into wood. Paint it on a corrugated metal wall. Get a haircut and use the trimmings. Pee in the snow.  Just use your hands, you’ll figure it out.

Distortion — Fuck it up. Move it around on top of a scanner or project it onto the wall at an angle or photograph it through an out of focus lens or throw some water on it or bend or fold the paper and photograph it or all of those one after another.

Due Mon 9/23

Tracing 2

Using the Helvetica specimen I gave you, trace the sentence Tight, but not touching. onto vellum, in pencil. Pay close attention to letterspacing.

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