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I’m a graphic & type designer and teacher in New York City with a decade of experience working with and for good people.

I’ve been a dues-receiving member in good standing of The Unemployed Philosophers Guild since 2014 and currently teach typography at Parsons. I’ve also served as design director for multiple political campaigns, and I take freelance commissions; I’m particularly interested in developing typographically-driven identity for activist organizations, artists and artisans, and companies not actively harming our planet and its people.

Over the past seven years I’ve taught introductory and advanced coursework in graphic and type design, typography, and branding to over 100 students at Miami Ad School, Parsons, and The Creative Circus. A student once described me in a course evaluation as “much too enthusiastic” to teach class, and former students are now hiring me.

I live in Brooklyn with my dog Vector (a very good boy). I am a proud alum of Rice University, The Creative Circus, and Type@Cooper, and a lifelong Washington Football fan.
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