I’m not a real Doctor, but I play one on TV.

I’m a typographic designer and educator in New York City with over a decade of experience working with and for good people. I strive to make work that is thoughtful, delightful, memorable, and well-crafted.

I am a Senior Designer at The Unemployed Philosophers Guild, where I’ve been a dues-receiving member in good standing since 2014. I teach in the Communication Design program at Parsons and have also previously taught at Miami Ad School New York and The Creative Circus. I am a proud alum of Rice University (’10), The Creative Circus (’12), and Type@Cooper Extended (’18).

I like bagels, bicycling, books, crossword puzzles, bar trivia, reality competition television, and you, probably. I live in Brooklyn with my fiancée Ella Hall and our dog Vector (a very good boy).

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